Monogramming 101


A Guide for Choosing Your Style

Choosing the best monogram

One of the most important decisions in buying a monogrammed item is selecting the monogram style and order of the initials. Here are a few guidelines for monogramming to make it easier for you to choose your style.

Ladies’ Monogram Styles

A ladies’ monogram should include her first, middle and last initial or if she is married she can use her first, maiden name, and married name initials. Traditionally, a ladies’ monogram is presented in first, last, middle initial order with the middle letter being larger than the other two. So for Madison Alexa Bell, it would be as follows:Monogram-women

Men’s Monogram Styles

When monogramming something for a man, most people prefer to use the initials in the first, middle and last order and the letters all the same size….so for Michael Allen Bell, the monogram would be:Monogram-men

Children’s Monogram Styles
The same monogramming styles apply for children as for adults. Monograms for small children, both boys and girls traditionally follow the first, last, and middle initial order with the middle letter larger. For example, both Madison Alexa Bell and Michael Allen Bell’s monogram would be as follows:


As Michael Allen Bell grows older, it would be more appropriate to use the first, middle, last initial order with all three letters the same size for his monogram.
When giving a child a personalized item, please consider where and how they will be using it.  You may not want to put too much information on something a child will have in public when they are not in the company of a parent or another adult.  For example, customers will often choose to use a monogram versus a name on something like a backpack that the child will be using at school.